About me

I’m Patricia Colon, founder of

Everything is possible if we focus on our inner work. I believe in a holistic, organic and sustainable approach. I believe in humanity and kindness. I believe in YOU.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and I have been living abroad since November 2014. When I was sixteen years old I started my career in the fitness industry as a hobby, while attending the university.

Since then, fitness, wellbeing and health doors remain open providing the opportunity to become Les Mills instructor and trainer, to travel to many countries around the world in representation of my country, and train more than 600 people to become Les Mills Instructors.

With a long trajectory in the fitness world, and after many courses and studies, I became certified transformational coach and Yoga teacher. Now I’m specifically oriented to accompany habit change and lifestyle transformation by encouraging inner work to build a new and healthy belief system that serves new purposes.

was born from the desire to support people like you with their struggles to find their way to a healthier lifestyle.

My experience with clients along all these years have taught me to hold a different perspective on a suitable support to improve their way of living.

VIVOVibes’ approach is holistic.

It proposes viable, realistic and sustainable solutions through an organic process that starts within you; making you healthier, more assertive and empowered; capable of achieving your goals and generating a positive impact in your community.

I acknowledge the connection between body, mind and soul together with a personalised organic plan according to your specific needs.

Together we establish achievable, realistic and sustainable goals and you will receive intensive support throughout your transformative journey. 

The change begins within yourself


My desire to support people like you through this process comes from my own personal experience, my own struggles and learnings acquired along the way of having to leave my homeland – with a 5 years old son, with very low chances of success.

My mission is to have a positive impact on people’s lives by being part of their transformative journey. To strengthen communities by empowering self-realization and pursuit of happiness.