One on One Yoga

Keep yourself aligned…

Do you feel curious about Yoga? 

Would you like to start practicing Yoga but you find the studio lessons too overwhelming?

Or maybe you just want to spend a full hour with your Yoga teacher to gain deeper knowledge?

Yoga origins can be traced to northern India over 5.000 years ago. Yoga has been practiced, studied and comprehended but it still carries the mystery of its profound existence.

The postures (asanas) are just a tiny part of the whole Yoga philosophy and these Asanas, together with the other seven limbs of Yoga, are meant to train the mind. Practicing asanas can benefit you profoundly.

During one-on-one Yoga you will learn:

  • The correct body alignment.
  • The correct execution of the asanas.
  • Some of the breathing techniques used in Yoga.
  • The integration of breath and movement.
  • Stillness

I’m a certified Yoga teacher from Soul Ascension Healing Arts school and I have been practicing Yoga since 2017.

I started my Yoga journey during a very tough time in my life where my health was compromised and my regular physical activity was too much for my body. Yoga has been an important part of my life ever since.

Add yoga to your routine

Including Yoga to your routine doesn’t mean you have to stop with your regular sport or training, Yoga is going to be that part of your time which is going to make you feel restored, recharged and calmed to keep up your regular rhythm of activities. Yoga will be also physically challenging, you will become stronger, more flexible and you will acquire more body awareness, control and balance.

Yoga is deeply rooted in the most extraordinary part of ourselves and the Yoga journey is the one that has a beginning but not end. It’s fantastic and I 100% recommend you to practice Yoga.

Yoga might feel physically and mentally challenging at first but sooner than later, you will feel blessed to have found this so powerful way of living.

Let’s have a video call to talk about your intentions with Yoga and plan a trial session together for free.

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