Transformational coaching

Become more interested and curious in the process of getting to know who you really are.

Develop your self awareness one step at a time. I accompany you along a journey where you can uncover more about your beliefs and points of view.


From a reactive to receptive state of mind. Present in the NOW.


What matters most. Intention and action aligned.


Support structure to stay true and courageous to oneself.

As an accredited coach from Coach Masters Academy, I’m passionate to support you through a process of self discovery from which you can gain a deeper knowledge and understanding about your life experiences and responses to them.

Transformational coaching could be something for you if:

  • You have received the call to explore deeper within yourself.
  • You have encountered repeated situations you are not satisfied with.
  • You feel you are in the middle of a watershed event.
  • You would like to address a situation from a new you.
  • You want to invest in your self growth.

My approach

There is nothing to fix, or to solve. I actually work with you in the expansion of your mind to get closer to your real potential. It’s not about finding solutions, instead, you will experience a shift in your perception, and as a consequence, different outcomes.

Free consultation

I encourage you to take the first step and try it. There is no need to go alone through difficult situations. 

Asking for support requires courage, and if you read until here you are courageous enough!

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